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third story of the 4th primary school of chios

by 4th primary school o f chios


Stories in Chios about Nymphs, gelludes and other Exotica...
4th primary school of chios
third story of the project
etwinning 2022-23

And reseach for the third story from scoala Gimnaziala Rosia- Romania "Mitul ursitoarelor"
"Belief in the nereids was perhaps the most widespread and common of all the beliefs of the Greeks in exotica.
Even today, many living people in many parts of the country will, under appropriate circumstances, admit to having heard or seen them.
The truth behind these stories:

Once upon a time, people did not have the knowledge we have today, and so many strange phenomena that they could not explain were attributed to mythological creatures or acts of gods
For example, child mortality.
Newborns not having the necessary and meticulous care often did not manage to survive
the grieving parents attributed the event to mythological creatures the jesters
Gello , in Greek mythology, is a female demon or revenant who threatens the reproductive cycle by causing infertility, miscarriage, and infant mortality. By the Byzantine era, the gelloudes were considered a class of beings.