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by Emilia Quezada


Emilia Quezada 10mo A
Importance of cultural diversity
Cultural diversity favors the development of the country, thanks to the amalgamation of ethnic resources, traditions, social, flora, fauna, regions and landscapes. Cultural diversity is a driving force for development, not only in terms of economic growth, but also as a means to a more enriching intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life. It is also an indispensable component in reducing poverty and achieving the goal of sustainable development.
Cultural diversity is a fundamental value in building a peaceful future for humanity. Most conflicts in history have not only economic but also cultural origins, so that a perspective that celebrates diversity and difference can provide a peaceful and democratic resolution to conflicts. Cultural diversity is an indispensable feature of democratic life in the 21st century.
They are distributed throughout a large part of the province of Imbabura and are grouped in the urban parish of Otavalo and in the rural parishes of El Jordán, Eugenio Espejo, San Juan de Ilumán, San Luis, San Rafael, Miguel Egas Cabezas, González Suárez, San José de Quichinche and San Pablo of the Otavalo canton. 
The men wear a cotton shirt and wide pants to the middle of the leg, as well as a heavy dark blue wool poncho, a wide-brimmed felt hat over their combed braid and cloth sandals with rope soles.
The women, wear a shawl knotted at the forehead over a white embroidered blouse. They wear two overlapping woolen skirts, wrapped at the waist and fastened with handmade belts. They also comb their hair in a single braid, which they cover with a mantilla.
Chicha of Jora
Calpo Beans
It is a traditional drink in the yamor festivities of Otavalo. It is composed mainly of “jora corn”. It is elaborated since pre-Inca times being a sacred drink used in ceremonial acts and festivals of all pre-Hispanic cultures of the central Andean zone. 
It is a mixture of potatoes, beans and melloco. It is a food that has great benefits for the human mind. 
Cuy Roast
Uchufa Tanda
It is prepared over charcoal after it has been previously marinated with plenty of garlic, salt and various seasonings and introduced in a stick, which is the one that serves as a rudder to turn it.
It is a mixture of corn flour and beans and it is wrapped with tender corn leaves, it is left to cook over low heat for an hour. 
Rune Tanda
It is a bread generally prepared in November. Its preparation is with corn flour, it is kneaded and left for a while to make it soft and then it is molded in a circular shape, finally it is baked in the oven for 20 minutes.
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