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Lu Villalba

by Majo Stepping


PET 2021:
Lu Villalba
Stepping Stones
Hello, what do you doing? 
Yes, i love it this idea,it is very interesant and super important to learn about it. I’m very nervous to know who is the person that you choose.
I think and actor, it’s super funny and maybe he or she will understand a lot of better. but it is the same, choose whichever that you want!
i think my question it is about Miss Jones.
Yes, i know. I have a lots of ideas to do  after the talk. Maybe we can go to the Mc Donald’s, go  to the Dunkin Donuts, go to the park, go to the ice cream’s store, to the shoipping or whatever you want! We have one million options for after.
See you soon!