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by Waylon Page


Monday, May 14, 1804
We will start our journey to the Pacific Ocean today. All of us were aboard the boat and traveled on the Missouri River. We are excited to be traveling to the Pacific! We came into trouble when we had to drag our boat across the Great Falls. It was hard to move the boat around the Great Falls but the wind helped us out a little. 
We have finally made it around the Great Falls and back onto the Missouri River. The Missouri river was filled with all sorts of critters. There were mosquitoes the size of birds and snakes all around the waters. If you got bit by one of the snakes you could die. So from day one forward was rough but we were all still excited!

Sunday, October 28, 1804
It has been a couple of months since we left St. Louis and it’s starting to get cold. We set our sites to go to the Mandan tribe village. The cold was extremely difficult to get through the cold. Our clothes were starting to give out as well. Then we saw a grizzly bear in the woods! We stayed very quiet until it walked away. 
We finally arrived at the Mandan Village! We were all about to get frostbite, well one of us did but we got there. We met with some French traders and said to them that we only want peace. We convinced the Mandan tribe to let us stay in their village. The Mandan people made us some new clothes so we won’t freeze. So far this expedition is going very well!
March 23, 1806
We were approaching Fort Clatsop. It has been a long journey but it has been worth it. We were staying at Fort Clatsop for the winter. The winter went by pretty quickly! It was time to head toward the Pacific. 
We had finally made it to the Pacific! The expedition was a big success. Now it was time for the journey home. We learned a lot about the west. When we got home, we told President Jefferson that it would be a good idea to do the Louisiana Purchase! 

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