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The Story of Yousuf (a.s)



The story of
Prophet Yousuf (a.s)
Yusuf, his brothers and the well
rophet Yusuf (as) descended from a long line of Prophets, beginning with the Prophet Ibrahim (as),
who was his great grandfather. Prophet Yusuf (as)’s grandfather was Prophet Ishaq (as) and his father
was Prophet Yakub (as).
Prophet Yusuf (as) had eleven brothers. They all lived near Jerusalem in Palestine, which at that time
was called Canaan. His youngest brother was called Binyamin (Benjamin).
When Prophet Yusuf (as) was a young boy,
he had a dream in which he saw the sun,
the moon and eleven stars bow down to
him. Prophet Yusuf (as) told his father,
Yakub (as), about his strange dream. Yakub
(as) told him to be careful and not to tell
anyone else about the dream.
Prophet Yakub (as) loved all of his sons.
But they all, except Binyamin, felt jealous
of Yusuf (as) because they thought their
father loved Yusuf more than he loved
The brothers were so jealous of Yusuf (as) that they came up with a plan to get rid of him forever.
One brother suggested that they should kill him. Others did not have the heart to kill him and
thought it would be better to send him to a faraway place. Finally, they decided to throw him into a
well. Travellers would find him when they stopped for water, and Yusuf (as) would disappear from
the brothers’ lives forever.
One day, the brothers asked their father if they could take Yusuf (as) with them to play. Yakub (as)
was afraid for Yusuf (as), but agreed to let him go. The brothers set off together with Yusuf (as).
When they were a long way from home, the
brothers acted on their plan. They threw Yusuf
(as) into a well and left him there.
The brothers then returned home without
Yusuf (as). They went to their father weeping,
saying that Yusuf (as) had been eaten by a wolf
whilst they were playing. The brothers showed
Yakub (as) their younger brother’s shirt
covered with the blood of a sheep, to convince
him of their story.
But Yusuf (as) was still alive deep inside the
Yusuf (as) as a slave
A group of travellers stopped by the well on their way to Egypt. When the travellers lifted the
bucket from the well, Yusuf (as) came up too. The travellers took Yusuf (as) from Palestine to Egypt,
where they sold him as a slave. Yusuf (as) was bought by the Chief Minister, the Aziz, of Egypt. The
Aziz treated Yusuf (as) well, and Yusuf (as) was thankful to Allah and remained a loyal slave.
Over the years, Yusuf (as) grew into a man, and Allah gifted him with immense beauty and wisdom.
Yusuf (as) was a modest man, but he received a lot of attention because of his good looks.
Eventually, even though he did nothing wrong, Yusuf (as) was sent to prison as a way of avoiding
unwanted attention and sin.
The King’s dream
Sometimes dreams have special
meanings, which we do not
understand. Allah blessed Yusuf
(as) with the ability to interpret
dreams; he knew what dreams
meant and could explain them to
The King of Egypt had a troubling
dream that nobody could explain.
The king dreamt that seven fat
cows were eaten by seven thin
cows. He then saw seven healthy
ears of corn and seven dry and
shrivelled ears of corn. The King
was troubled because he could not understand the dream, and no one could explain it to him. The
King’s servant knew of Yusuf (as) and his gift, and asked Yusuf (as) to interpret the King’s dream.
With the gift Allah had given him, Yusuf (as) interpreted the King’s dream. The dream meant that for
the next seven years there would be plenty of crops and food throughout the land. But, for seven
years after that, there would be famine throughout the land. There would be no crops and not
enough food for the people to live on.
When the King heard Yusuf (as)’s interpretation of the dream, he freed Yusuf (as) from prison. The
King was so impressed with Yusuf (as)’s character and wisdom that he asked Yusuf (as) to work for
him. Yusuf (as) agreed and asked to be put in charge of the food storehouses in Egypt so that he
could prepare the land for the seven years of famine, which would follow the seven years of plenty.
The famine and Yusuf (as)’s brothers

During the first seven years of plenty, Yusuf
(as) harvested and carefully stored crops and
food. When the seven years of famine
followed, through Allah’s mercy Yusuf (as)
had stored enough food to make sure that
the people did not starve.
The famine spread throughout the land,
including to Palestine where the family of
Yusuf (as) also suffered. Yusuf (as)’s
brothers knew that in Egypt, there were
stores of food that were being given to the
people. Eventually, Yusuf (as)’s brothers decided to travel from Palestine to Egypt to ask for food.