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The Strange Case Of Nathaniel And Pablina

by Nathaniel Battiese

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The Strange Case Of
Nathaniel And Pablina!
By: Nathaniel Battiese
Table Of Contects
Chapter 1: An introduction
Chapter 2: The experiment
Chapter 3: The battle for good
Chapter 1: Introduction
On Thursday morning there was an ordinary boy named Nathaniel, he loved to play video games. He was popular in the school and made lots of friends. Sometimes, he wears many different clothes and sometimes ends up wearing the same clothes as Daniel. Once the teacher asked him to grab a new bottle of sanitizer for the class. So he went to the janitor's room. Before he brought the sanitizer to the class he took a squirt for himself and rubbed it on his hands. Finally, he brought the sanitizer to his teacher, but little did he know it was a bad batch of sanitizer. Nathaniel was infected, every time a teacher yells at him he explodes into his evil form. Shockingly, he wouldn't be called Nathaniel anymore; he would become Pablina.
Pablina would act aggressive, rude and refuse to do certain things. He continues to strike back at people. When his teacher yells, his eyes turn dark, bloodshot red. His skin feels like it's on fire it becomes spikey and scaly. He starts to feel his blood boil. A pitchfork made of bone protrudes from his arm. His back splits open and tentacles of light shoot out. His whole body explodes in pain and shrouds it self in smoke. From the smoke Emerges PABLINA!
Chapter 2: The Experiment
The next day scientists were experimenting on a potion. The potion was suppose to stop Pablina so he would go back to normal permanently. Did the potion work? Nope, but that didn't mean they gave up on the experiment.
Meanwhile, Nathaniel was in his good form sleeping in his room. Then he woke up and he went school.
In school everything was fine until a teacher put Nathaniel in detention for playing video games. Nathaniel felt upset, depressed and angry so he transformed into Pablina and broke out of school.
Then school was done for the day. The scientists were still experimenting on the potion for hours and hours, day and night.