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The kid with bad hair

by Alan Hernandez


A kid with bad hair directed by alan produced by alan featuring gibby, esteban,lifeline,eric,pathy,and wraith this book is about michael
he farted and then pooped
everywhere because he ruined his hair he was so scared,spooked,and he also went to a barber shop so he could get his hair fixed and everything but it would not work :(
He farted so much that his butt was hurting and then he went to the hospital and they still can get his butt to stop hurting but. His hair was still messed up.
Thought Bubble
so on and on he kept farting to space so he could find the cure to fix his hair i think he also needs a toilet to get all the fart out until then he will visit every barber so on but then he found me/alan the best barber in the world he farted all the way over here so then after that his hair was still bad
Then on and on he finally met eric and gibby and they fixed his hair but not the fart problem so he went to the hospital which has esteban the best doctor in the world and his assistant life line
Then the boy was still dirty so pathy the robot insane character by the way really cool and he washes the little boy because his family left the little boy now pathy and wraith take care of him and they live a happy life
until they met demarcus the cousins the third bro smacked the kid so hard he left a mark and he ruined his hair then wraith came and punched demarcus then pathy grappled down because he was on the moon and stomped demarcus