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Oceans and Pollution

by Laila Ponn


Let's Learn about Clear and Polluted Oceans of Earth
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosbeach-sea-sunset-sun-sunlight-1751455 on 11/9/21)
Beaches with blue water:
What colors do you see? What objects do you see? The oceans are very blue and clear here. You can see the light colors of blue for the shallow water. There is a tree near the shore in this photo on the left. (image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosbeach-sea-sand-thailand-4852830 on 11/9/21)
What do you see here? There is an island and a boat. There are many palm trees on the island. Can you count them?
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotospolynesia-french-polynesia-tahiti-3021072 on 11/9/21)
This man is standing in a wide open cave. He is near a few rocks. The water looks very blue and clear also. (Image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosportugal-algarve-benagil-caves-3029665 on 11/9/21)
Do these areas have clear water? Why or why not?
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotossunset-rocks-beach-dusk-twilight-1985086 on 11/9/21)
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotossunset-island-sky-waters-panorama-3087145 on 11/9/21)
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotossunrise-water-dawn-morning-country-4987384 on 11/9/21)
Polluted beaches
Have you seen beaches like this before?

(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotospollution-trash-garbage-ocean-4855507 on 11/9/21)
Bird near old fishing nets
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotossafety-net-spirit-network-3289548 on 11/9/21)
What objects do you see on the beach?
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosbeach-trash-plastic-ocean-4914403 on 11/9/21)
What types of objects can be found within the trash that we can recycle?
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosfishes-water-flow-garbage-1663770 on 11/9/21)
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotosgarbage-can-waste-tin-pollution-3745004 on 11/9/21)
(image retrieved from httpspixabay.comphotossky-cloud-sea-beach-glass-bottle-1860180 on 11/9/21)
(image retrieved from on 11/9/21)
How can you do your part each day to recycle?
Put objects in the right trash bin on a daily basis. Wash out containers. Help someone do the same.
Find or start a beach clean up group! Spread the word!