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Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

by José Cobeña Vera


Because he saved me from myself, rescued me from my loneliness. He was the first to accept me for who I am. That's what this anime means to me.
José Cobeña Vera - Nursing 6/2
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Title: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Comedy, Shounen, Superpowers.
Fiction / non-fiction: Science fiction
Plot / summarize 
The story tells about the life of a woman who arrives from another planet, procreates two children on earth, these then seeing that their mother is bad, decide to seal her on the moon and divide her power in several beasts so that she does not return to life. In future times an enemy appears and destroys the village where our protagonist lives where the parents die but before the father dies, he seals half of the beast inside him. The protagonist grows up and faces many adversities such as being rejected for having a beast inside him. Evil ninjas appear who want to seize this power and end up destroying the village, but in the end our protagonist is victorious and wins the confrontation.
I find the story very interesting because it helps to understand that many times you have to do your part to get ahead, effort, dedication, valuing the little things, friendships and family are very important things, but most of all, never give up in the face of adversity. 

Phrases to describe a book
Story of a ninja who never gave up and achieved his dreams of becoming Hokage.

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She is a magician who helps us to see that in spite of adversity we must go ahead and fight for our dreams, achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and be better every day. This manga encourages you to become a better person, that's why I recommend it. 
A long time ago a meteorite fell to earth and inside it was a beautiful woman (Kaguya) with light purple hair, who was fleeing from another world where they wanted to execute her, since she was stealing a sacred seed that gave great powers to those who consumed it, this clan was known as the Otsutsuki. 
Many years passed and this woman married a human and they had two children, Hagoromo and Hamura, which being direct descendants of the Otsutsuki clan, had great abilities and powers, when they were adults, they realized that there was a great tree and that the people of the village who went to that place never returned, since that tree was the creation of the celestial seed that the mother planted when she came to earth, seeing all this, they decide to go to train with a toad to Mount Myoboku, where they would acquire the power of the sage of the toads.
Returning to the village, they decide to confront their mother to stop her and free all the people of the village who were in a deep sleep inside the envelope of the tree. They manage to defeat the mother and imprison her in the moon, while the tree that turned into a ten-tailed monster is divided to reduce its power so that its mother will never come back to life and cause trouble.
Time passed and Hagoromo had two sons, Ashura and Indra, who were the first to use the vital energy they possessed to create jutsus and thus be able to control some of the techniques such as fire, water, earth, wind, wood, etc. Seeing his sons grow up, Hagoromo decided to put them to the test to see who would get his place as sage of the six paths since he was already in his last days of life.
One day without warning one of the beasts in which was divided the power of the sacred tree, known as Kyubi, attacks the village of the leaf, this happens because the mother of our protagonist (Naruto) which in childbirth weakens the seal that contained the power of this beast, which is extracted by a member of a group called Akatsuki, which is led by one of the descendants of Ashura, which releases the power and is free attacking the village, destroying much of it, the fourth Hokage decides to seal half of the beast inside himself and the other half in his son, who will be the protagonist of our story (Naruto Uzumaki).