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How the Unicorn Got Its Horn

by Catie Lafkiotis

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How the unicorn got it's horn.
In the start the unicorn was just a horse with a white diamond patch on the top of it's head.
There was a bull who wanted to have the magic spells that the unicorn had. The unicorn said 'no' then they had a fight.
When they were fighting, they butted heads and the bull's horn came of its' head and went onto the unicorn's head in the middle of the white diamond patch. That is what made the unicorn's horn.
The unicorn got a reward because she said no and the horn became a place she could keep her spells. The bull got something taken away from him, his horn, because he was jealous. But eventually another one grew back after two years.
I want my horn back! 
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The unicorn felt very happy with her horn but after a while it started to feel a bit strange, then after another while it didn't feel strange any more and it smelt like bull. Then she got used to it.
I like this horn!
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