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Mad Mcdonald's

by Madilyn Mundy


Mad McDonald's
by Madilyn Eve Mundy
Once there was a man who worked at McDonalds. He hated his job so he thought of an evil plan.
The next day he brought a hammer to McDonalds. "Good!", the man thought, "No one knows that I have this hammer. I will break the ice cream machine!"
That night after everyone left the evil man took the hammer and broke the ice cream machine. He drove home.
When he came back to work he did not like what he saw or heard. His coworkers told him someone came into McDonalds and broke the ice cream machine, but they bought a new one.
Then they showed him the new ice cream machine. So when everyone went home he broke it all over again. He did that everyday until his coworkers got so mad they brought the FBI into the picture!