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Age Appropriate Content

by Aanya Miglani

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Social Action Project
Age Appropriate
By Grade VIII-D
What is age appropriate content?
Definition: Age appropriate refers to a developmental concept whereby certain activities may be deemed appropriate or inappropriate to a child's “stage” or level of development.
Age-Appropriate or Developmentally-Appropriate Activities means activities or items that are generally accepted as suitable for children of the same chronological age or level of maturity or that are determined to be developmentally appropriate for a child, based on the development of cognitive, emotional, physical,
What are examples of developmentally appropriate activities?
Frequently playing with, talking to, singing to, and doing finger plays with very young children. Sharing cardboard books with babies and frequently reading to toddlers on the adult's lap or together with one or two other children.
-YouTube is technically only for teens 13 and up, and what the site considers age-appropriate may not match your values. But YouTube offers a filter called Restricted Mode that limits the iffy stuff. Go to your account settings page and toggle on Restricted Mode at the bottom of the page.
How do I restrict age content on YouTube?
Here's how to do it:
Access and sign in to your YouTube/Google account.
Click the “Settings” button in the left sidebar.
Click the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page that reads: “Restricted Mode: Off.”
Select “On” to lock Restricted Mode on this browser.
Click “Save.”
Security Settings On Different Apps
1. Be careful while you share your personal information while logging in to any application.
2. Also, verify the application you use before providing your personal information on that particular application. Flip book on different slides.
On Instragram
On Facebook
Clear your history using 'Off-Facebook Activity'
Hide your location.
Disable Facial Recognition.
Get rid of apps that track you
off Facebook.
Enable two-factor authentication
to lock out hackers.
Stop Google from showing
your Facebook account.

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