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Timmy the Fox and Friends

by Copeland, Avery


Timmy the Fox
and Friends
By: Avery Copeland
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
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Once upon a time there was a small little village and there was a group of animals who loved causing havoc. Their names were Timmy the Fox, Martha Wolf, and Tony the Pug. Most of the time they went into other animals' homes and trashed them. But then Tony thought that he had enough, so he left. Timmy was so mad about it and left too. "Martha I will miss you, so good luck." Timmy said. Timmy went to find Tony.
Chapter 2 - Timmy
When Timmy was born, he was so handsome. He could talk too! He was so handsome all of the women fainted.
Timmy's mother was like, "I don't want this kid he is too handsome for me."
"I am very disappointed in you." Timmy said sadly. Timmy got up and walked away never to see his mother ever again.
Ten years later Timmy had made new friends. and he was happy. you may have heard of these names before. Martha Wolf, Tony the Pug, and Ava Fox. The group ended up kicking Ava off very quickly. Because she kept goofing off.
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Chapter 3 - The Real Story
Back when they started the group, they got caught a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. When Tony left, Timmy wanted to go find him. When Timmy asked what Tony was doing, this is what Tony said. "Timmy I am sorry man, but I can't do this anymore."
Timmy replied, "Why?"
Tony said "We are doing bad stuff man, and I never knew why we started in the first place, and I don't want this to keep going man. Why don't you go talk to Ava, she might help you with this."
Timmy said "I might" and spoke up saying,"Well, I hope you get better soon, because this is not the Tony I know." So off Timmy went and found Ava. They talked for a little while.
"Timmy why did you kick me off the team?" Ava asked in a serious face.
Timmy yelled back, "Because I didn't want you to get hurt!"
Ava froze in shock. "I am sorry for what I did; I have to go."
"No! Don't go! I am making some soup. Do you want some? Ava asked.
"Sure, why not?" Timmy replied.
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Chapter 4 - The Ending
They stayed there for a while and ate their soup. Timmy went and found Tony. Martha was there with Tony and tried to talk to Tony.
Tony didn't listen to either one of them and stopped them by saying, "If you stop what you've been doing, I will join the group again."
Timmy and Martha decided to leave and talk and talk about it first. They agreed that they should do what Tony asked because they wanted to Tony back in their group.
Timmy and Martha went to Tony and told him the good news. Tony was very happy and all three of them continued enjoying their lives together as a group.
This is the story of Timmy's adventure with his friends, Martha and Tony.
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Grade 6, 2023