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All Quiet on the Western Front Lesson

by Shelly McCully


Comic Panel 1
After fighting with the enemy all night, the new soldier was so tired. He collapsed like a rotten tree.

What happened to the new soldier?
rotten tree
Comic Panel 2
page 59
Comic Panel 1
A bomb exploded! Now, the walls in our front are covered with smoking splinters!

How does Paul and his friends feel now?
Comic Panel 2
splinters in wall
Page 61
Comic Panel 1
With the enemy coming after us, we have become wild beasts. We have to defend ourselves!

How does Paul describe himself and his friends in the front?
wild beasts
Comic Panel 2
page 62
There is an enemy in our front! We run like crouched cats so the enemy can not see us!

How does Paul use the simile to describe how they were feeling?
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Comic Panel 2
page 62