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What is Christmas about?

by Alice Needham

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Christmas, what is the tradition?
Christmas is in December, on the 25th of every year. Children awake to see presents waiting under the Christmas tree unless as a tradition you've been naughty, you will seek cole!
Children go to sleep on Christmas eve, ( 24th December) and hope that Santa Claus or Saint Nichols has been to drop off your wishes for gifts! Some children forget the main purpose of Christmas each year, and what Christmas day is all about! So let's learn about The meaning of Christmas day!
"Christmas day"
"The celebrations of Christmas contain Freinds and family spending time together and opening gifts. But as some Christians know, on Christmas day it's also Jesus's Birthday! Christians usually celebrate the day god was born by praying and going to Churches, they eat food, and meet up with family and friends to have a good time, and think about the good things!"
Why do you think that Christians celebrate God's birthday?

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