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Ottawa: Reflection on a Week

by Alivia Ward

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Before I left...
D- At the beginning of WW1, Canada was just part of the British Empire, no one special. But Canada supplied the war with lots of soldiers and ammunition. Also, after many failed attempts by the British and French, the four Canadian Regiments took Vimy Ridge in 4 days. This was a huge victory for the allies, and marked the beginning of the end of the war.
E- This affected Canada’s identity hugely. This was a huge turning point for Canadians, because people started to see them as a threat, rather than part of the British Empire. A quote from a soldier who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge once said « We went up Vimy Ridge as Albertans and Nova Scotians. We came down as Canadians . »
Ottawa Day 1
Going to the airport!
F- At the centre, on television screens, different heritage Minutes play on a loop.
Ottawa Day 2
On Sunday we got Vimy Ridge hoodies, from the Vimy Foundation. These were to wear to the National War Monument. On Monday they had a ceremony to commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which we attended. I think these are really cool and relate directly to our Canadian Identity. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a huge part of Canadian identity. By sporting the hoodies with the colours of the different regiments, we can help people remember and learn about how amazing Canada really is.
Ottawa Day 3
E- This picture is of the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa. The day we visited this monument, April 9th, was the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. We got to witness the service that they had to commemorate this event.

The statue itself finish construction in 1938, the year before WW2 began. The statue was at first meant to commemorate the First World War, but since then, the dates of wars that Canadians have fought in have been added.
E- If I were alive during WW1, I would have gone to war. But because I am female, it would have been a very different experience. I probably would have become a nurse, to help the soldiers who were wounded.

I would choose to serve my country because I think it is honourable to fight for your country. If the Germans had won, one can only imagine what would have happened to Canada. I am eternally great-full to everyone who fought in the war.