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Generals Die in Bed Poetry

by Alivia G. Ward


Generals die in Bed:
These poems were inspired by ‘Generals Die in Bed’ by Charles Yale Harrison. While reading the book, I was inspired by the points in the book that showed how they could never escape the war. All the high points lasted only a short while, because of the impending doom. In the last few poems, as in the book, everything starts to become darker. The main character is loosing hope.
Sounds of thunder far away
but nothing where we are
fighting all over the land
but waiting where we are
we know nothing of the terrors ahead
we just wait
in the dark
and quiet
Latrine Rumors
Rumours coming from everywhere
never knowing what to believe
thoughts of battles and heroics
warm food and a bed
but I never get my hopes up
these are just latrine rumours
River Play
Playing in the water
we are young boys again
splashing and jumping
forgetting our troubles
but the war goes on
people are dying
we can never escape
The rum comes
it is our only consolation
as we wait

The rum calmes our nerves
anxiety fills our small space
as we wait