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The restless sisters


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The restless sisters
Angie Zambrano 2 BGU "B"
Once upon a time there were three sisters who lived very happily with their cozy family near the forest.
One day they decided to go and play in the forest, their mother did not agree with the idea, however, they went secretly and without her permission. The three sisters were playing happily, until they realized they had lost their way home.
Both the middle sister and the youngest sister were very scared to the point of tears, but the older sister tried to stay calm and look for a solution.
The sisters started walking in order to find their way home again, until they found a nice cabin near the river. The middle sister and the youngest sister looked at each other with great joy at the idea of entering the house, but the older sister exclaimed:
-Don't even think about it! We're not going into a house we don't know, we have to find our own.
-But we are starving and we are too tired to walk.
After so many tantrums and tender looks, they ended up convincing their older sister.
When they walked in they were fascinated with the interior of the house and the first thing they noticed was an elegant table with three oatmeal cups: one large, one medium and one small. 
The middle sister and the younger sister were so hungry that they lunged for the cups, to which the older sister told them: 
-NO! Please don't do that, we don't know who lives here and it's rude, it's best to go home.
The disobedient little sisters decided not to listen to her and ran into the living room, spilling the contents of the cup everywhere.
-Please don't run, look what you are doing- exclaimed the older sister.
-Wow! Look at those beautiful chairs," said the little sister about to jump on them.
-Don't do it, they could get hurt," said the older sister.
The middle sister didn't listen to her either and kept jumping until the chair broke.
-Upsi - exclaimed the middle sister and ran to the room because she felt tired from playing so much.
Looking for a place to rest, the little sisters went up the stairs, at the end of the corridor there was a room with three beds: a big, a medium and a small one. 
They fell in love with the room and lay down until they fell fast asleep.
On the other hand, the older sister, watching over them, walked from one side to the other worried about the arrival of the inhabitants of the house.
Then she heard the door open; soon after, the inhabitants of the cabin were three bears, who had returned from a walk in the forest. 
Dad Bear immediately noticed that the door was open:
-It can't be! but who has entered our house without permission, sat on my chair and tasted my porridge - said dad Bear in a big angry voice