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Name of the Library :- LA'BIBLIOTICA
Opening Houre :- 8am to 4pm All the Working Days
General Rules
1.   All the students, Teaching and Non-teaching staff of the school can become member of the library.
2. The librarian may refuse, under special circumstances, admission into the library to any reader, or the use of any book without assigning any reason thereof.
3.    Any infringement of the rules will entail forfeiture of the privilege of admission to and of borrowing books from the library.
4.    Suggestions for the purchase of books and improvement in the service may be made to the librarian in writing.
5. Any change in the rules or regulations or any information will be notified on the Library Notice Board.
Admission to the Library
1.   Students using the library shall leave at the entrance their personal belongings.
2.    Silence must be maintained in and around the library.
3.    No person shall write or damage or mark on any book belonging to the library.
4 .   Readers shall be responsible for any damage caused to the books or other property belonging to the library, and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or to pay the value thereof. If one book of a set is damaged, the whole set shall be replaced.
5 .   Before leaving, the readers shall return to the assistant at the counter all the books they had taken for consultation.
6 .   Members in the reading room shall vacate their seats 10 minutes before the closing time.
Loan Privilege
1.   All the students and staff can get their Library Borrower's Tickets on application at the Circulation Counter during the month of April by producing the identity card.
2 .   Every student shall be given borrower's tickets each bearing his Registration No., Name, Class and Sec. Roll No & Name of the House.
3 .   Each Ticket will entitle the student to borrow one book from the library at a time.
4 .   Each member will be issued one Ticket for one year.
5 .   A member who has lost his borrower's ticket shall inform the librarian immediately.
6 .   An undertaking in writing shall be given to the effect that the member will hold himself responsible for any books borrowed against the ticket lost by him.
7 .   On such undertaking being given, a Duplicate Card will be issued on payment of Rs.100/- per ticket.
8 .   Staff members can borrow maximum 5 books from the Central Library. They can keep the borrowed books for a period of maximum  3 weeks from the date of issue.
Conditions of Loan
1.   Students can keep borrowed books for one week from the date of issue. The date slip will indicate the last date before which the book has to be returned.
2 .   Borrowers should examine the books taken on loan from the library at the time of receiving them at the issue counter. Should there be any mutilation in them, it should be brought to the notice of the staff-in-charge of the counter or to the Librarian, and a record of it made in the volume.
3 .   If the volume is found mutilated at the time of its return, the borrower shall be held responsible for it.
4 .   Reference books and periodicals shall not be lent out, and are meant for consultation within the library.
5 .   Subject periodicals are available for consultation at the respective departmental libraries.
6 .   Students are not allowed to sub-lend either tickets or books taken from the library.
7 .   The librarian may recall a book at any time even during the period of the first issue. The book may be reissued to the same borrower after the purpose for which it has been recalled is served.
1.   All books on loan shall be returned on the due date stamped on the date-slip.
2 .   Absence from the school will not be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of the books.
3 .   Readers should see that they take their tickets when they return the books.
4 .   Students must return their tickets when leaving the school and should obtain "NO DUES CRTIFICATE".
5 .   Final year students should return the library tickets on the dates notified by the librarian, at the end of academic year.
6 .   A penal fee of Rs.100/- per ticket will be collected from the students who fail to return the tickets on time.
7 .   Student should return their tickets to the library each and every session before they seat for the session end examination.
1.   Renewal for a further period of one week is permissible for a book, provided there is no demand for that book from others. But the book has to be produced before the assistant in the counter at the time of renewal, in order that the new date may be stamped on the date slip.
2 .   Any book which is temporarily in demand may be lent for a period shorter than a fortnight or declared for a period as a reference book.
Overdue Charges
1.   If a book is not returned on time, a fine of Rs...5/- per volume per day will be levied. The borrower will forfeit his right to borrow his books until such fines are paid in full.
2 .   Students who fail to return books within one month after the due dates shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.50/- or the cost of the books whichever is higher. While collecting the fines, the intervening holidays will also be taken into account
3 .   If a book is lost or not returned by any member within a stipulated date/time. The member has to pay a fine which is triple the printed price of the book. 
 The library committee consists of a group of persons who are empowered to do certain jobs relating to library and administration. The library committee includes a chair person, a secretary, Teacher member and Student Member.
1.   To guide the Librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library? 
 2.  To provide for proper documentation services and updating the Library collection
 3.  To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and documentation Services.   
 4. To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of Library resources.
 5  To review Library readership dept.-wise
 6. To adopt measures to enhance readership 
 7.  To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the Library.
 8. To seek feedback on Library functions from readers.
 9.To take measures to increase the membership of the Library beyond the boundaries  of the School.