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RGS School Libraru Bulletin

by Jutika Das


Bulletin board displays are an easy and creative way to spice up the décor in a library, brighten the walls and educate library patrons about the resources the library has to offer. Whether you're a public librarian or a school media specialist, you can use bulletin boards to entice your library patrons to read throughout the year.
Royal Global School has a Two Library in school premises. One is in 'A' block and other one is in 'C' Block.
'A' Block libray is serving Primary wing which is from KG to grade V
'B' Block library is serving secondary and senior secondary wing which is from grade VI to XII
Library for Primary
Library for secondary and
Senior secondary wing
Total Collection of Library
    Total number of books as per the stock register: 14000
    Number of Text books: 2000 (Exclude In Total Number) 
    Number of Reference Books: 800
    Number of General Books: 6025
Total Number of Periodicals 45
International 1
National 8
Regional 3
Educational 13
Career 2
Science & Environment 3
Sports & Games 2
Computer Science 3
Children's Magazine 10
News Paper 6
National 3
Regional 3
Educational DVD 150
School Program CD/ DVD 300
Library Computer Center equipt with 50 computer
Student Access the computer with their Registration number which is user id and individual password
School library is a services library that should provide open access to documents. These are acquired and processed for use. On the other hand, close access aims at preservation. School library does not exit for its own sake but aims to serve the user. In order to perform its functions, a school library can provide a variety of services. No service should be considered less important but under certain circumstances a librarian may not be able to devote enough attention to each of these.Keeping mind of the above our School library provide the following services: 
* Display of materials and information  
* Organization of story hour, book talks, book debates ,essay competition
and quiz  
* Library orientation to a freshman  
* A readers' advisory services  
* Circulation of materials  
* Reservation of materials  
* Assistance in the use of catalogue  
* Assistance in the search and location of materials  
* Assistance in the use of reference books etc  
* Provision of information on request  
* Maintenance of vertical files containing pamphlets, prospectuses,
reports and press clipping 
* Preparation of reading lists and  
* Inter-library loan  
* Organization of book exhibitions  
* Display ofjackets of new books  
* Display of newspaper clippings  
* Display of lists of new books received ,and  
* Putting up of a wall magazine.
Some of the Importent program which run throughout the year as Library Activity
* Read Program ( For Grade I to VIII )
* Book Fair ( For whole school )
* Book Club ( for VI to XII )
* Literary Club ( for VI to XII )
Library Digital Services
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