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by MC Gierza


1 July 2019 (11:11pm)

Left nothing but footprints

As I recall those places were I've been, still lying or just sitting -right beside you is still the most beautiful one.

Thou, to you my favourite person, we may not be together as we enjoy to travel in different famous spots,

yet always remember that the memories that we brought back will be our next topic as we sit beside the seashore and talk about life.

This event helps us to grow together as we continue to discover our self and shared it with each other.

Separate by physical distance but always connected with love in our heart. I
loveyou with the assurance of no doubts.

Imissyou with the assurance of waking up next to you every morning.

And if I will to love again, I will still choose not to change
the chance that has given to me and that is to meet someone as real as you.

Iloveyou Langga.
02 July 2019 (11:11pm)

πŸ‘‘ To the man who stole my heart πŸ‘‘

Thank you for stealing my heart.
Thank you because a part of me has grown.
Thank you because I become a part of you as you are to me.
Iloveyou even more each day.

As I look back to life, I saw how you resemble the broken pieces of me.
Those smile you paint in my lips only reminds me of how you are willing to make me happy.
Thank you for the hugs and kisses - it warms my heart and makes me to fall in love in you again and again.
God is so good because he gave me you -someone who gives me shelter on that rainy & coldly night.
Thank you for everything.

Iloveyou Langga - with all the love that I can offer.

Iloveyou Langga- with all the care that I can give.

Iloveyou Langga- with all the perfect imperfections that I can have.

Iloveyou -with no doubts, pause and questions.

Iloveyou Langga- just that Iloveyou 'cause I do really love you.
03 July 2019 (11:11pm)

πŸ’ͺSecond safest placeπŸ’ͺ

Thank you so much.
I finally found the second safest place in the world- RIGHT BESIDE YOU.

I smile because you paint laughter on my lips.
I cry because a part of you is my half that puzzles my whole life.
I am deaf because it's your voice that I want to hear from mourn 'till dawn.
Get addicted to you.
So deeply in love on you.

Like the tall green bamboo.
We stand.
We bend.
But never fall against all odds.

Thank you for keeping me.
For making me feel that I am worthy.
For your warm embrace.
For your passionate kiss.
For your undying patience.
For the love.

And I was very thankful to God because He sends me someone as real as Him.
Someone who never fails to correct me if I done something wrong.
Someone who lend his hand and ear to listen on my rants, drama and everything about life.
Someone who find and free his time just to be with me and talk life or even nonsense things.

Someone who motivates me.
Someone who inspires me.
Someone who perfectly accept my imperfections.
Most especially, someone who brings me nearer to God.
04 July 2019 (11:11pm)

πŸ™ˆ Black TogaπŸ™ˆ

It was the first smile we both offer.
It was the first chatting.
It was the first laughter and tears we both shared.
It was the first memories we both made.
It was the first butterfly we both felt.
It was the first racing of our heart we both don't know why and how it happened.
It feels so good to look back on our very first meeting and the getting to know each other moment.

We argue, get mad, annoyed, 'till we physically and emotionally hurt each other unintentionally/intentionally matter.
But, in the end we both decided to raise the white flag.
And everything is puzzled again.
The black toga reminded me how far we have been through right now.

Between the yelling and the silence.
Between the pride and the selfishness.
Between hatred and love.
Between doubt and trust.
Between us, that's probably you and I.

Hey!!! It's been a long time a ago since we count time
not by how the clock move its hands but how we made memories together.
But, I know as it made its Tik-Tak you are creating yourself.
You made me proud.
Even if sometimes, I really wanted to argue.
Talk some dramas.
Want to let you feel that I'm still here.

I am still existing.
For, you are too busy chasing for your dreams and sometimes forgot that you left me behind.
The one who shares and build the same dreams.
The one who stayed at your side back on the days that you are still young and innocent.
Having financial problems.
Still studying.
No money.
No license.
Or having nothing from the start.

But, yeah!!
Still choose to stick on your side and support you all the way.
Now, that little by little you are achieving great things I am so humble to say that I am happy for you.
Iloveyou. And always keep safe.
05 July 2019 (11:11pm)

πŸ‘¦My man πŸ‘¦

You are my notes that I don't want to loose

You are my celebration I don't want to miss

You are my favorite stuff that I don't want to give

You are my random pic that I don't want to delete

You are my mistake that I want to take again and again

You are my morning that I want to see

You are my destination that I want to be my paradise

You are my time that I don't want to waste