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Fighting in the Field

by Montana Wilson


Fighting in the Field
By Montana Wilson
Note: You may want to know a little about Greek mythology before you read this otherwise it would be very confusing. Also, none of this stuff is real and so for young children, it may not be a great book.


“Come on Amelia, we are going to miss the train!” shouted Amelia's mother.
“I’m coming,” Amelia shoved the last of her grilled cheese in her mouth. Amelia’s parents, Sam, and she raced down to the train station all hoping not to miss the train to Pennsylvania. They kept running and running. They saw the train pull away as they had just come.
“Quick! We can still make a run and jump onto the caboose of the train!” her father quickly insisted. Amelia’s family ran like they never did before--Amelia in the lead, their hair blowing and their clothes rippling in the wind. Amelia grabbed onto the handle and pulled herself on, but, when she looked back her family wasn’t right behind her. She looked down and there was no way she could jump off the speeding train. She would hurt herself really badly or even kill herself. 
“Amelia!” Amelia’s father shouted. Her eyes filled with tears; She was alone not knowing what to expect. It all happened so fast. The last thing she saw was the sad eyes of her family drifting off into the distance before the train took a hard left.
Chapter 1
Amelia’s First Monster

All she could see were trees swerving past her. Amelia was confused. She walked into the train still stunned. She had no idea what to do. There was no one in there but a lady. 
“Oh poor girl, where are your parents?” the elderly lady asked.
“They’re gone.”
“What do you mean, did you get on the wrong train?” she asked. Amelia just stood there, she didn’t respond,
“Well, well, you can sit with me if that’s alright with you, I could use the company,” the old lady said. Amelia slid in next to her very gently so she would not make her have a heart attack or something. She looked so old you could have thought you were in the underworld. If there were an underworld. 
“Where are you from?” Amelia managed to chatter.
“Oh, you wouldn’t know,” she replied. Amelia thought that that was a little rude.
“Do you have any siblings?” Amelia asked.
“Yes, I quite do, Stheno and Medu- Meduanna,” she responded. 
“Are you traveling to them?” Amelia asked.
“Umm. . . No they. . . well, Medu-anna is not a nice lady and well. . .” The old lady’s voice trailed off. 
“What does she look like?” Amelia asked another question.
“Would you stop asking questions!” the old lady shouted with fire in her eyes. 
“I know who you are, Euryale,” Amelia stammered. 
“How did you figure out so quickly?” the lady asked while getting up from her seat. At that moment she seemed to transform into an ugly old lady, not just an old grandma.  
“You are Medusa’s sister, you're a Gordon, you are. . . “ Amelia stammered as she ran across the room. Amelia thought How in the world is Euryale real? She is in Greek mythology, not real life! Amelia ran to the opposite side of the train car. Euryale quickly followed her with no speed problem. Amelia raced down to the corner by the door to the next train cabin. 
“I thought that you wouldn’t notice, you must be a smart one,” Euryale said with laughter. Amelia tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. Amelia looked back, Euryale was truly the ugliest thing that she had ever seen. Euryale now slowly advanced. 
“I have always hated you demigods, but mostly Athena for turning me and my sisters into this. This is my revenge.” 
“What?!” Amelia stammered. What is a demigod and Athena, what did she do to you? thought Amelia
Oh, you don’t know that, well, that'll be better anyway.” Amelia ran trying to avoid Euryale but accidentally brushed her skin on her gooey scales. Amelia started throwing stuffing from a seat cushion that she ripped open. The stuffing stuck to Euryale. Amelia kept throwing and ripping the seatings. Soon Euryale was covered to the rim with white puffy stuffing. She started to pull it off but the process was really slow. Amelia thought about running and busting open the door but she had a better idea. She grabbed the door and yanked it out of the
doorway. Then she yanked out a bar of the train, the train seemed to wiggle but everything was okay. Amelia whacked Euryale with the pole,
“Oh, you child!” she shouted angrily. Euryale waved around her arms to try to catch Amelia but it was no use with all the stuffing in her eyes. Amelia slammed the door into Euryale's head. It didn’t really do much but it hurt her a little. Amelia heard the train creak. Amelia ran into the next train car right before the whole caboose collapsed onto Euryale. 
Chapter 2
The New Everything

The rest of the train ride was as normal as it would always be other than that her family was gone. Amelia was not sad anymore, she knew she would find her family or her family would find her. She was absolutely positive. As I was saying, the train ride was normal until ten forty-one a.m. 
Amelia felt the train tip and slide. The people in the train car had nervous faces, just then at exactly ten forty-two, the train leaned real far to the right, then to the left, and fell. Amelia looked out the window before it happened. She saw a drop--at least 70 feet down. There was no way to survive. Amelia punched the window, gravity still pulling the train down as everyone screamed frantically. Amelia pushed her way out of the train. For some reason Amelia didn’t really mind that she was about to die, she wasn’t screaming or scared. Amelia put her hand on her heart and laid back like she was the most graceful girl in the world. Something about this just made her feel really weird. 
Amelia felt a really big thud all over her body, but it was nowhere near what she thought would be landing on the ground from 70 feet above. How could I ever be alive? Did I bonk into someone even when I am still falling? Amelia wondered as she opened her eyes. She saw a big scruffing man hovering over her, with a beard as big as a dog. Amelia then realized that that man was holding her. 
“You have a good catching ability,” Amelia said.