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India-impacts to Russia Ukraine war

by DHANNIA K N 2138125


Impacts of Russia-Ukraine War:
What is in store for India?
By Dhannia 2138125
Impacts of Russia Ukraine war

The Russia Ukraine war has short term, medium term and long term impacts for world as a whole and especially India. The more the war prolongs, the more the impacts will be. The impacts are at different levels - Economic impacts, Political impacts and military impacts.
Impacts to India

Economic Impact:

Short term impacts include oil prices going up and countries essential goods will be costlier. India imports 85% of its petroleum from Russia and Arab countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.
If the war continues India is likely to face shortage of essential goods and shortage of petrol. It may forces us to look elsewhere for energy. in addition, india's metal export and manufacturing is looking ahead for a slow down.
In long term India could be forced to accelerates its adoption of electric cars and solar energy to supplement petroleum just like adoption of digital education during pandemic.
Political Impacts

India has maintained a good relationship with Russia, Ukraine, USA and the European Union(Britain, France, Germany). India had to put that to use to get the humanitarian corridor to evacuate Indian students stranded in the war zone (code named Operation Ganga). It drew praise from both Ukraine and Russia and many countries benefited like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan etc. Next phase is even tougher as India has to convince both the leaders to a ceasefire.