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extensive reading n writing

by 7_Kartika Ning Tyas


by Kartika Ning Tyas
extensive reading and writing experience books
hello my name is kartika ning tyas with nim 2103046033 in this lecture I had the opportunity to have an absent number 7 I am the first child of 2 brothers and was born in kendal, March 25, 2003 from a mother named Mudrikah and has a father named Eko Arwoko now a profession I am a 2nd semester student at the State Islamic University of Walisongo, Semarang or uin walisongo, now I am 19 years old and in college I majored in English education at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training.
my hobby is actually i am also confused with my hobby because everything i do i always like it a collaboration, so thank God I was given sustenance by Allah swt to study at the Islamic State University of Walisongo, Semarang
maybe it's enough for me to tell you now, let's move on to the reading and writing material that I learned during my lectures
At the first meeting I was ordered to look for any novels or readings in English and I found the first book entitled The Miracle Morning The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life. The book explains how beautiful it is to wake up in the morning.
In the second meeting, my friends and I were ordered to find a text and understand what type of text it belongs to, and I found a text in the form of a recount text from a story belonging to Dede Risdiani entitled Reaction in Dufan.
I also studied articles and videos about extensive reading and writing but I only saw videos and read a few articles