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The Uninvited Guest

by Connilyn Cross

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The Uninvited Guest
Written and Illustrated by: Conni Cross
Have you ever had someone show up uninvited? Maybe it was a neighborhood kid that happened to stop over at the time of your birthday party, or your uncle Larry at a family Christmas party, or something else entirely. No matter what the situation, I bet the outcome was met with surprise, confusion, and maybe a little bit of frustration. I know that’s how it felt when I had an unexpected guest show up one morning at school. 
Before I get started, you should know a few things about me. I am a tutor at an elementary school, and As a tutor, my main job is to test and tutor students who need extra help in class. Since my school is very big, and very busy, sometimes I have other jobs too. One of my other jobs is to help students get off the school bus in the morning and into class, which is what I was doing on my second day on the job when I met a very unexpected guest!
Unloading busses is not very hard. Mostly you just stand by the bus door and wait for all the children to get off and onto the sidewalk. Sometimes there’s a few kids that need help or forget something, and I’m there to help things run smoothly. So there I was, standing by the bus door as children shuffled down the bus stairs when I saw two kindergarten kids hop onto the sidewalk with…. a kitten?
At first I couldn’t believe it, I had to check that I wasn't dreaming! After I came to my senses and realized that these children were holding a living, meowing kitten, I pulled the two students aside as the students behind them unloaded. 

“Who’s kitten is this?” I asked the two, stooping down to meet their eyes. 

“It’s name is Sasha,” one child beamed, “do you want to hold her?” She extended her arms and held out the kitten to me, and I instinctively took it.

“She’s very cute,” I admitted, “but where does she belong?”

The child who handed me the kitten looked down at the ground, “She’s my mom’s,” she said looking up again with a smile, “She just got her!”

“Okay,” I said, still in disbelief. “Could you tell me your name?”