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The Kittens Journey



The Kittens Journey
Written by Spandana Noojipady
Illustrated Fiction
4th Grade
Robert Goddard Montessori
By: Spandana Noojipandy
Hi! My name is Kiki! I'm a tabby cat! Today I want to tell you about a recent adventure that I had. It was so fun! Anyways, let's get into the story!
Chapter 1: The Simple Walk
It's such a hot day today! I (Kiki) am even hot in my owner's cold house! I can tell that my sister Kaya is hot too but she isn't as hot as me! I can't believe that Kaya and I have to suffer in this heat for one hour until our owners Grace and Logan get home from their work! If I can't bear this heat, how will I survive in this heat until Grace and Logan get home?! Sigh. I can't do this. I'm going for a walk. I get up, walk to the cat door, and slip outside. Kaya doesn't notice me at all. She's too hot to even look at me. Anyways, I'm outside now and I feel a little bit cooler. I climb the garden fence and head to Breezy Valley. Kaya and I actually discovered Breezy Valley. We named the valley Breezy Valley because of its strong breezes. I prance along on the sidewalk that led to Breezy Valley.
Finally, I feel the cold breeze of Breezy Valley blow my face. I know Breezy Valley is close because of the strong winds blowing past my whiskers. I began running. I run along the warm dirt path to the wall of rocks. The wall of rocks is a big pile of dirt and tons of rocks stuck together and it is the entrance to Breezy Valley. The one challenge though, is that you have to climb the wall of rocks to enter Breezy Valley. It's kind of challenging but after a while, you get the hang of it. I started to climb. I used the rock climbing method. First, you get a good grip, then, you pull yourself up and just keep repeating that until you get to the top of the rocks. Finally, I felt the top of the hill. I heaved myself up and ran along the valley. I felt the breeze immediately. It swiped through my body. The breeze immediately made me cool and not hot anymore. Suddenly, I saw a shadow in the distance Who could that be?
Chapter 2: Run Away!
The shadow was approaching. I didn't know what to do, I had nowhere to hide, so I stood there searching for a place to hide right in the middle of Breezy Valley. When the stranger was very close, I spotted a bush! I leaped into the bush trying to make a quiet sound but...SNAP! I was way too loud and the stranger heard me! Suddenly, I hear the stranger say, "hello? Is anyone there"? I just stood there not knowing what to do. Then, I said a very quiet, "hello", and came out of the bush. The stranger was an orange tabby cat. She was clearly young. About my age. "Hi", she says. "My name is Madori." "My name is Kiki", I say."How did you get here? I was taking a walk and got lost. I kept walking though and I ended up here", said Madori. "Well, this place is called Breezy Valley", I say."I was here because I needed some fresh air. Well"..., Madori said."Now that we don't need to do anything else, why don't you take a walk with me", says Madori."Sure!", I say, holding in my joy. We walk across the field all the way to a place in Breezy Valley called Rocky Creek. Rocky Creek is a normal creek. The only thing that makes it different from other creeks is that it is surrounded by dozens of medium-sized boulders. Madori and I stop to take in some more fresh air. Suddenly, something comes out of the bush behind us. Something that we'd never expect.
Madori and I turned around. Our eyes widened and Madori let out a small, "run". Madori and I sped away."Run"!, I shouted. Do you want to know what the thing chasing us is? A wolf! I looked behind me and Madori. The wolf was hot on our trail."Run faster Madori run faster"!, I shouted to Madori. Suddenly, Madori stops and does something that I will never forget. Something that I could never expect her to do. She hunches up her back and shouts, "You mean wolf! You will never catch me and my friend! Now run back to your den and never come back"! The wolf, too scared to do anything, ran back to his den without looking back. I just stood there the whole time watching with my mouth opening and closing like a fish. Finally, I spoke."Madori...That was awesome"!, I say."Well", says Madori."Sometimes I get a little too tempered". We laugh at the thought. We laugh until our stomachs hurt. When we finished laughing, Madori asked me this."Kiki, do you think that we should meet up tomorrow at my owner's house? Sure"!, I say.