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the secret life of Park Campus



The secret life of Park Campus.
What happens on the campus when no-one is looking?
Speech Bubble
October 2017
A digital book made by the students in the FDLT Y2 UN group.

The students worked in small groups to make a page or two of a story using the tools in BookCreator. They added photographs, video, written text, speech and thought bubbles and recorded speech to the pages.

The pages were combined together in one book and published.

There is great potential for inspiring and supporting learning by creating our own personalised resources or encouraging children to make their own multi media texts.
Secret life on campus... with sad scissors and his caffine crazy aliens!
Nearly there, they can smell the beans... YUK, its instant!
That isn’t coffee, the search continues. Finally they reach their goal... aliens are now caffinated, time to start that assignment
Frances and Sam
Sam was waiting patiently for his bus to uni. He felt very sad
After 10 minutes, Sam got very impatient so he rode his horse tonto instead!!!
When he arrived at uni he was very hungry, so he ate this delicious sandwich
He felt very sleepy and full after polishing off the sandwich so he took a nap. Little did he know, his sad sad life was about to change.....
SUDDENLY, blue lights started to flash around the room. Something was happening to Sam.
WELCOMING SUPER SAM. The university’s magic sandwich’s changed Sam’s life for the better
This is a good book!
Speech Bubble
Fred, Ginger and Doris go towards the Library to search for a book to take out....
Alicia & Jess
After they choose their book, they check it out using the MAGIC LIBRARY MACHINE
Always time to meet a new friend at uni !
Their new friend Raj taught them all about his culture
Time for a spot to eat !
The first few weeks of Hugo and Hettie
Jess, Sadie & Jack
They met at the University of Northampton
it was love at first sight...
they progressed very quickly
i don’t normally do this
Thought Bubble
and they flew of in to the sunset...