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Talking about art LKS2 blank

by Jean Edwards


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Artist Investigations LKS2: [artist name]
Rounded Rectangle


p.2............Artist Investigations LKS2

pp. 3-4.....About the picture and artist

pp. 5-6.....Close looking

pp.7-8......Mood and feeling

pp. 9-10....Opinion

pp. 11-12..What next

pp. 13.......About

This book is my exploration of applying Paul Carney's Artist Investigations LKS2 approach to one picture. I've chosen this picture because [I recently saw it in an exhibition in my local museum].

You can see Paul's prompts and questions on the next page and my application of them to this picture on subsequent pages.

The book is structured so that when each double page is open on the screen both the picture and questions can be seen. Alternatively you might have the picture open on a screen for viewers (unclick 'side by side pages' in settings to make this happen) and the questions available to you only.

The picture itself is a Creative Commons image taken from the ArtUK website.
By Paul Carney (2022)
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About the artist:

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when it was made

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About the picture:

This is a [type of art] made [dates].

The original piece of art is [add dimensions here]. It could be useful to cut out a piece of paper this size to help get a sense of the size of the original work of art.

You can see other prints by [artist name] link and link.

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