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Make your own planets!

by Jean Edwards


Make your own planets!
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We can develop creative approaches in art by integrating technology into our art making. In this book you can learn how to use art you've created on the page in augmented reality.

In this example I've taken the starting point of making planets but there are lots of other inspirations and environments you could choose once you've learned how to use the ARMark app.
You will need
Making art on paper:

Art materials to make marks and patterns and draw or paint with.

Papers to draw and paint on to.
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Making art in AR:

An iPad with the ARMakr app.

The camera on the iPad.
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Making art on paper
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Make some marks or patterns on paper using art materials of your choice. Here I've used felt pens in the first image and wax resist using wax crayons and watercolours for the other three. Cover the entire surface of the paper with the marks, patterns and colours.

You might create quite randomly or you might look at and be inspired by maps, landscapes or planet surfaces.
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Photographing your art
When you've finished making your art take a photo of it using the same device you're going to use later. Keep the device still: using a stand can be useful here. Make sure that your art takes up the entire viewfinder and edit the photo after taking it if you need to tidy up the edges.
Adding your art to the ARMakr app
Open the ARMakr app on your device and follow the steps in this video to upload your art into the app and make it into a sphere shape.