Book Creator

Using Chatterpix

by Jean Edwards


Using ChatterPix
I can help you add speech to objects and pictures!
Speech Bubble
FDLT Y1 2018/19
What if we could make objects and pictures speak?
We used the ChatterPix app to add eyes and a mouth and then 30 seconds of speech to objects and pictures.
FDLT Y1 Leic
How did we make these videos?

We added eyes to objects and took photos of them.
In the ChatterPix app we added a mouth and up to 30 seconds of speech.
We saved them to the camera roll and then they were added to pages in BookCreator. They could also be shared on to a website or other sharing tool appropriate to the school policy on sharing digital material.
Sticky eyes
ChatterPix app
BookCreator app

In a subject such as science we might devise a speaking frame to help children structure their research and draft their object’s speech.
Speaking frame:
Begin with a greeting
Say your name "I am a ..."
Tell us if you are manmade or natural.
Tell us what you are made from.
Tell us what you are used for and any other interesting information.
Tell us if you are recyclable or reusable.
End with a question to the viewer.
"Hello, I'm a fork. I'm made in a factory. I'm made from plastic but some of my family are made from metal or even wood. I'm given to you for free to eat your food with in cafes. Please don't throw me away! Why not take me home, wash me and reuse me?”