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by Patricio Leon


Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Activity 5: Studying a language
1. Discuss the habits you have had in your English studies. Do you think they have been good or bad habits? Can you now use the language to communicate

For me if they are good areas since it helps us to a new language and a new vocabulary and that will serve us in life.

The truth is I only know the basics, I still can't pronounce too much but with effort it will be possible.
Interesting facts
Did you know that a linguist is a scientist of language? Many people think that a linguist is someone who dedicates their life to learning many languages. No, that person is called a polyglot. A linguist is someone who studies the many different aspects of languages in a scientific way through experiments and observations. Linguists study things like how the brain works with language (psycholinguistics), how men and women or people from different places speak differently (sociolinguistics), the sounds of language (phonology), and other issues related to language.
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2. Listen to a linguistic talk about the dos and donts of studying a language. For each of the sentences below, decide if it is something that will help you become fluent in English or ti wont help you become fluent.

Yes, it will help us to master English since we listen to his translation and we can also make dialogues and realize that we fail to correct and be able to do it well.

Note: if you cannot access the link, your teacher will help you with the script.
Activity 5: Do you ever respond to a post on social media?
1. Answer the questions and write a short post using zero and first conditional.
°What is a social network? Write some examples of your favorite social networks: Web page where Internet users exchange personal information and multimedia content, my favorite networks is facebook, messenger, instagram, whatsApp.
°How often do you use social network?
To see what's new or if not to distract myself a bit and see memes.
°Do you think it's possible to learn English using a social network?
If it is possible to learn in a social network since they are fun games and it helps us to read.
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Write your own post:
Give some advice on how a person can better study English to be able to have a real conversation. Stark by introducing yourself, the giving some suggestions, and finally say goodbye and wish the person luck. Write 50−60 words.
Write at least one sentence in the zero conditional and one in the first conditional.
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In repeating the word once and the necessary times to improve pronunciation we can watch videos to be able to communicate
My name is Patricio Leon I am sixteen years old, my subjection we can see educational videos about pronunciation and in order to have a good dialogue, that even though it is not our language, it is fundamental in our daily life.

Example of the conditional sentence zero and one in the first conditional:
If it rains, the grass gets wet.
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Remember that the zero conditional is for a situation that is the reality in the present.
If my head hurts,I sleep.

The first conditional is used for probable situations in the future.
If I study, I will pass the class.
1. Read and analyze the following grammar tip:
When you express a general conditional and the result of that condition, you use:
If + presente tense (conditional), present tense (result)
Example: If I am tired, I sleep.

The position of the clauses does not change the meaning.
Example: I sleep if I am tired.

Do not use comma to separate the two clauses if the result clause is first as in the last example.
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According to the table above, match the following activities with the right pair.

A. YouTubers are famous:
If they have lots of subscribers.
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B. If you want to listen to music:
You turn on the radio.
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C. I call my best friend:
If I feel sad.
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D. If students don't understand:
They ask their teacher.
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