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Field Guide to the East Decatur Greenway

by Third Grade Water PRotectors


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Field Guide to the East Decatur Greenway
By Third Grade Water Protectors Spring 2022
Friends School of Atlanta
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Shoal Creek and the East Decatur Greenway's Ecosystem
This is a field guide to the East Decatur Greenway. In this field guide you can learn about the plants and animals that call the East Decatur Greenway home. 

The East Decatur Greenway is an important ecosystem because Shoal Creek runs through this greenspace on its path all the way through Georgia. Shoal Creek begins in Dekalb County. Its waters eventually empty into the Atlantic Ocean in Brunswick County. It's important to keep the Greenway's ecosystem clean and healthy so that Shoal Creek will be healthy. 

This field guide is divided into two sections for plants and animals. FSA third graders have each contributed a page to help you identify and learn about a native plant or animal that can commonly be found in the East Decatur Greenway. Each of these plants and animals plays a vital role in the Greenway's ecosystem and in sustaining the health of Shoal Creek.

The Greenway is also a fun place for children, grown-ups, and pets to visit and enjoy!

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