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by Claudia Viviana García Castillo


Comic Panel 1
The Mohan
Comic Panel 1
The Mohan is a hairy giant – with red eyes, burnt skin and yellow  teeth. However, there is an alternate description of the Mohan, some people describe him as an old tribesman, covered in moss, very furry and dwarf. He has dark skin and black hair.
however: sin embargo
moss: musgo
The Mohan is a cannibal. He likes eating children, especially newborn infants. He drinks the milk out of them and roasts them over a fire of dead leaves.
He also likes beautiful young women, especially those who are engaged. He chases them to a river where he guards large quantities of jewelry such as gold rings, nose rings, precious stones and other jewels.
Engaged: comprometido (a)
Chase: perseguir
He has two weaknesses however: tobacco and salt, which are both efficient means of defending oneself against him.
Weaknesses: debilidades
People who have been near him claim to have seen him smoking; however, he is also known to keep sufficient distance from salt, as exposure to salt crystals turn the Mohan into a gold idol
have bee: han estado
have seen: han visto
known: conocido