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Taos Pueblo

by Leticia Pedrosa Galdieri


Taos Pueblo
By Letícia
The History of Taos Pueblo
There were at least 70 different Pueblo villages when the Spanish first arrived in the southwest in 1539. The Spanish took over much of the Pueblo lands. They forced the people to become Catholic and to work the fields for them. In return they offered the Pueblo protection from the Apache and Navaho.
Where is it located?
The Taos Pueblo is located in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.
How was their homes?
Many Pueblo families lived in villages on top of mesas. The pueblo build homes with adobe and stone. The homes had many levels.
Daily life
Each village had its own government, but the Pueblo tribes shared similar customs. They had strong ties to their traditions and homeland.
The Pueblo made many objects by hand. They often used natural materials. These arts and crafts added beauty to everyday life.