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7A - Lost in Egypt

by Lucas B, Lucas R, Juanmar A, Andy O


One day, there was a group of four friends that were called Juan Martin,
Andy and two twins that were called Lucas.
That day they went to an arcade console
and were playing an Egyptian game.
Suddenly, they started to fight because
everyone wanted to play. They hit the
game machine and it stopped working, but somehow they got into the game.

They were kidnaped by the Egyptians. They were sent to a dungeon. In that place, the twins were fighting with Juan Martin and Andy because they blamed each other. Because of the lot of noise, the pharaoh heard them fighting so he decided to free them. 
And the pharaoh show tour of Cairo and they saw some slaves that were pulling a rock. They watching that , they will help them but the pharaoh told them that it wasn't good helping them because they did bad things.  So they said goodbye to the pharaoh and to the slaves because they needed to go home. But they couldn't find a way out and were a part of the game now...
Creators: Lucas Bernal, Andy Orellana, Juan Martin Andrade, Lucas Palacios