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About Create Happy Magazine

by Mandi Lynn


all the important things to know
Want to know a bit more about Create Happy Magazine and our kaupapa? Look no further. We’re so excited to share this booklet with you, packed with all the important info on our little youth run magazine.
The Crew.

Create Happy Magazine is currently running with 15 under 18 year olds who have been working together since March 2022. All passionate in journalism, art or photography, the diverse crew each take on different roles within the magazine, including Chief Editor (Lola Fisher), Assistant Editors (Holly Davies & Sydney Fremista), Graphic Designers (Lola Fisher, Lindsey Song, Audrey Goh), and more. Each crew member has a different ‘superpower’ and are each learning to play to their strengths and reflect and resolve their weaknesses. Every single member of CHM is crucial to the continuation of the magazine, and all support is greatly received.

A highly diverse crew, the contributors to CHM are super friendly and knowledgeable, and are fully committed to helping each other out. They are always willing to engage in topics in a meaningful and compassionate manner.
The Values

Create Happy bases its articles and content on its 5 core values: Innovation, Compassion, Grit, Impact and Gratitude. This ties in with the Head, Heart, Guts and Ground framework we believe in (this will be explained further throughout ACA!). The values are what each issue is based on. One value for each issue. I.e.: Innovation - Winter Solstice, Aroha - Spring equinox etc. We publish an edition every solstice/equinox.

Whanonga pono (values):
Whanonga Pono tahi: Innovation - inspiration & problem-solving
Whanonga Pono rua: Aroha - communication, community building & self-care
Whanonga Pono toru: Grit - mana, intuition
Whanonga Pono wha: Impact - embodiment, finishing what we start,
Whanonga Pono rima: Gratitude - being grateful after the hard work, recognising it.
The Mahi

Each magazine has a three-month creation time, with four editions published every 12 months. There are multiple stages to creating each edition. Here we will take you through a rough timeline of brainstorming to publishing the Impact Edition, and everything in between.

December 10th - January 1st: Content brainstorming for the Impact Edition, pitch writing & contacting interviewees & begin interviews and articles.
January 1st - January 12th: Interviews and articles begin, and brainstorming for the front cover begins.
January 12th: 'Check-in' with all members of the crew over a 1 1/2 hour long Zoom call. Check-ins consist of a verbal update from each crew member telling the team and editors how their article is going. This is their chance to ask for help and support be it from crew members, photographers or editors. Check ins are mandatory.
January 12 - February 1st: articles written and finished, art started and photos asked for & started on.
February 1st - February 7th: articles proofread and edited.
February 7th: articles due, fully proofread.
February 10th: photos/art due
February 10th - February 25th: graphic design done & sent to all appropriate people.
February 25th: graphic design due & sent to printers (if printing)
March 21st: PUBLISH DATE
Content Creators:

Want to contribute to Create Happy Magazine? We're looking for the following content creators to join our crew:

• Creative writers & journalists - able to tell a story, do interviews, proofread & work well in a team
• Photographers - have good visual story-telling skills, able to edit & do post production, have a creative mindset & work well in a team
• Artists (specifically digital art as it is the easiest to work with) - able to come up with ideas for art, have a creative mindset & work well in a team

You're expected to put in 2+ hours per week dedicated to Create Happy, be active on the Telegram chats and turn up for weekly Zoom meetings.

We're also on the lookout for rangatahi to help us with our podcast (launching soon!), and if you're interested we'll be in touch after ACA.