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How to brighten or darken a photo before you shoot

by Mandi Lynn


How to brighten or darken a photo before you shoot
Exposure is the brightness or darkness of an image.
You will often hear terms like over exposed (too bright and you are starting to lose the details in the whites). Under exposed (losing details in your blacks).
Well exposed or correct exposure - when there are details in both the whites and the blacks.

High Key is another term that refer to very bright images with lots of white. Low Key images refers to images with lots of dark tones. However the expectation is that they don't go so far they still need to be well exposed and retain details ideally. So this is about mastering your craft. Once you know how to do this you can choose to lose details if you want but it is important to learn how to correctly expose.
How do I
Adjust Exposure?
-Touch the screen on you device on the face of the main subject

-Wait for an icon of a sun to appear on the screen and a lock to appear.

-Drag your finger either up or to the side and watch the image get lighter or darker.

-This is how you lighten your subjects faces when they are lit from behind.
Touch Screen adjustments
Easiest way is touch screen. Touch and hold the the subject on your screen and wait for the sun to appear. Then drag your finger either up and down or side to side depending on the model of your phone and you will see that the brightness will change. If you hold it down it should lock. EFlock.