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by Carlos Alberto Riascos Pérez


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By Carlos Riascos
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Hi everybody, my name is Carlos Riascos and I'm 25 years old. I'm an engineer. I'm originally from Bogota and I currently live in the same place. In my free time, I enjoy helping, dancing, partying, learning different things, watching movies and walking around the city.

This photo was taken in bar called Odem in Bogota by my best friend while we enjoyed the music and the view of the Lourdes church.
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This is a photo my chemistry teacher took 10 years ago. I was on the farewell trip to school with my friends and teachers. You can see in the photo to my best friends from school with me. This photo brings back a lot of memories because it's the end of an age, I learned a lot of things and I was happy with the right people. I currently keep in touch with my friends Ana and Ivan.
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This is a photograph psychosocial team and I in the closing of the LGBT support group at CAIDS Sebastian Romero in Bogota. I'm a volunteer in groups helping vulnerable LGBT people who are homeless and sex workers. Being volunteer I have learned about people and their life experiences. I'm very happy to share with people every week and learn from them.
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The picture shows a view of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. I have always dreamed of traveling to the Balkans in Europe. The Balkans has an unimaginable cultural diversity and as Churchill says "The Balkans produces more history than it can consume." To be honest traveling around the Balkans will tickle my brain and provide one of the most amazing experiences in my

I hate nature and camping, whenever I travel, I try to visit a city and to be in a comfortable place as close as possible to my home. I like to plan everything in advance and have everything under control on the trip. Obviously, I'm a tourist.
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This picture was taken at the studio by myself. I really like this photo because it shows the tranquility than I feel when I sit there to study. The studio is my favorite place in the house, since there I improve my knowledge every day and I can be calm without the stress of the rest of the house.

Home represents for me the place where I live permanently and share experiences with my family, I constantly generate good memories and there I can rest.