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Maggie May and the Rattlesnake

by Ellie Duley


Maggie May and the Rattlesnake.
By: Ellie Duley
Long ago on the day of the solar eclipse a couple known for their blonde hair had a daughter with hair as dark as the night. They decided to name her Maggie May. She sure was a nutty gal.
Maggie May and her parents grew up in Flagstaff in a state we now know as Arizona. She weighed about as much as a pig, and her parents could barely lift her.
  She grew up riding the wild mustangs and catching fish bare handed in the town river. She was lifting bales of hay at a few months old.
At a year old she was eating 50 bowls of oatmeal for breakfast.
However, her parents' house was growing a little small for Maggie. So, they built Maggie a bigger house next to thiers.