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Why I Deserve a Dog

by Kate Marshall

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Miss Kate
March 30, 2022
Why I Deserve a Dog!
Have you ever been so bored and so lonely waiting for your parents to come home for work after you get back to school? This is how I feel every day. I have come to realize that my life would be much better if I had someone to spend my afternoons with! I think that I deserve a dog because I am responsible and it would make our family so much more fun.
First, I would like to discuss how I am definitely responsible enough to care for a dog. This year after I turned 10, I have had to wake up early enough to make my own lunch before school. I have not been late one single day, and so I will surely have enough time to feed a dog and play with it for a little bit. I also am responsible because I always do my chores, so I know I can pick up the poop and take the dog on walks without forgetting.
Secondly, I think having a dog would make our family time so much more fun. If we have a dog, we could go on family walks to the park and throw the frisbee around. It is so funny watching a dog jump up in the air and catch a frisbee! If we go to Arizona again this summer, we could road trip instead of flying there because we could bring our dog! This would be an adventure in itself!
In conclusion, I think that having a dog would be the best choice for our family. Since I am older now, I would take responsibility of all of the chores that go along with having a puppy. It would be so much fun for all of us if we could enjoy this journey together. I hope that we are able to get a dog soon because it would be so much fun.
Opinion Writing Checklist:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
- hook
- reasons
Paragraph 2: Reason 1
- transition word
- defending your reason
Paragraph 3: Reason 2
- transition word
- defending your reason
Paragraph 4: Conclusion
- transition word
- concluding statement

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