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Libro nuevo

by Mariana Dominguez


Adapted and edited by: Mariana Domínguez, Micaela Amarilla, María Florencia Ocampo
Far, far, f a r, f a a a a r away, once there was a huge pond next to a bright blue river. In the pond, there were plants and rocks everywhere.
Besides, there were different types of coloured fish living there.
There were green fish, there were yellow fish, there were red fish, there were orange fish, even black and blue fish.
But today, we are going to listen to the story of
the fish
Bill, the big red fish, had got a little black and white brother.
”I am more intelligent than my brother, I am more sympathetic than my brother, I am more handsome than my brother,” he said
Because of it, other fish didn’t like Bill. He was mean, and only his brother Tim was kind to him. But Bill was always mad at him. ”I am bigger than you, you are smaller than me, you are not beautiful at all”, said Bill. 

“Oh okay, you are better than me, but why don’t you visit our family?” said his brother. 
He went to visit their grandparents, uncles and cousins. Their home was on the bright blue river.

His grandparents were more intelligent than Bill, his uncles were more sympathetic than him, and his cousins were more beautiful than him. Bill felt terrible, he was smaller than everyone! He couldn’t believe it and went back to the pond with his brother.
Everyone is better than me and I feel bad!” he told his brother. “I’m sorry, Tim, I won’t be mean to you any more”. “It’s okay, I forgive you, let’s play together!” said Tim happily.