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An old man's story


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An Old Man's Story
Danish was an old man who was 69 years old. He believed that in 69 years of his life he only did a fraction of things he could’ve done in life. Unfortunately, he was old and there was always a limitation to every activity he tried to do.

One day, he called his dear grandsons and asked them if they wanted to go skydiving because it was an easy activity and he was allowed to go skydiving. All his grandsons liked the idea and agreed to meet at the hangar tomorrow morning.
On the next day, they all met at the hangar as told. All seven of his grandsons were there wearing sky diving suits of different colours. Each grandson wore skydiving suits that represented the colours of rainbow. The eldest wore red and the youngest wore violet just like the order of the colours of rainbow. But Danish wore pink which made him look goofy.
When all preparations were made ready, they boarded a small plane piloted by Captain Amirul. His friends called him Captain Monkey because he once crashed landed a plane due to his sudden monkey behaviour while he was flying the plane.
The plane was about to take-off. All eight passengers were excited. The plane flew towards the blue sky and maintained the altitude of 10,000 metres above sea level. The pilot told the passengers to prepare for skydiving. “YEAH. LET’S GO!” exclaimed the grandsons in extreme excitement. Danish on the other hand, wasn’t enthusiastic about this. His skydiving gears were ready, but he wasn’t ready mentally. He got nervous and it was obvious. The grandsons tried to cheer him up, but he won’t budge. Then, the third grandson who was cruel with his words called his grandfather a chicken. He started making chicken noises as a message that Danish was afraid. Others started clucking too like a chicken. Even the pilot said, “You’re a scaredy-cat” and he started mocking Danish.
Danish had enough. He stood up and jumped out of the plane. The others were shocked and immediately they started their skydiving adventure with Danish. The grandsons were enjoying it to the fullest. Danish however, screamed in fear. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” screamed Danish as he was falling. He screamed so much that his dentures suddenly flew out his mouth and the slimy object flew into one of the grandson’s mouths. It somehow fitted perfectly.
Danish was getting closer to the ground. He forgot to deploy his parachute because he was panicking. The eldest grandson glided to him and immediately released his parachute. After that, he left Danish to float to land all by himself. Once Danish reached the ground, he instantly thanked God for sparing his life. His grandsons had already landed. “Did you have fun?” asked the youngest grandson. “No! Let’s not do that again.” responded Danish. Suddenly, they saw Captain Amirul landing with his parachute. “Hi” he greeted. “Wait a minute, who is flying the plane?” asked Danish.
“Oh, don’t worry. I put in on autopilot so it should land at the airport shortly” replied the pilot confidently. “That’s not how autopilot works,” said Danish. The pilot turned pale. Out of the blue, there was an explosion nearby. Obviously, that was the plane. He admitted the plane was running out of fuel, so he had to abandon it.
They all went home after that. Danish rested on his bed. He thought that even though skydiving might be a scary activity, he still had fun with his grandsons. He closed his eyes and slept. Sadly after a few minutes, Danish the grandfather of his seven grandsons, died of heart failure.
the end