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by Esme Nemecek


Turkey Facts
by Esme
Do you know about some amazing turkey facts.
Well I'm going to tell you about some turkey facts.
Turkeys are very large birds.
They say gobble gobble.
Domestic turkeys live with people. wild turkeys live in the wild.
There are 7 million wild turkeys in the world. only male turkeys gobble.
A male turkey poop say Jay and a female turkey poops a squirrel.
Wild turkeys fly close to the ground.
Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the state.
He called them the bird of Courage.
The snood hangs from the beak.
domestic turkeys are the 8th largest mammal by weight.
Turkeys come in all shapes and sizes.
The wattle is around the neck.
Now that you have all the turkey facts you can tell other people.