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by Shamal Sabah Alsarai


What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education - August 2021
Whether you’re just kicking off the school year or in the middle of the term, congratulations on all you’ve been doing to keep students engaged and learning so far. We are always awed by your caring and creativity, so this moment of celebration is just for you.
Just in case you missed it, last month we shared some awesome updates to Microsoft Teams such as Immersive Reader on Teams mobile, returning an assignment for revision, group assignments, and more. Check it out if you get a chance!
For those that are seeing students face-to-face, remotely, or a combination of both, we’re excited to share some great ways that your feedback has made Teams better for you, your students, and your school.
1 ) Save time and personalize learning with Reading Progress
Reading Progress
Hundreds of educators and school leaders have shared the challenges and importance of reading fluency checks with us. After collaborating with reading experts and testing with educators, we’re excited to announce Reading Progress is now generally available and will be rolling out globally over the next two weeks. Whether educators are helping emerging readers build confidence or teaching English as a second language, Reading Progress enables readers to practice their skills in a safe, student-centric environment. Educators pick a reading passage and can choose to assign it to the entire class, a specific reading group, or an individual student. After the student records themselves reading the passage aloud, educators review the recording and either manually identify and code errors or use the Auto-detect feature to quickly identify and code potential errors.
The recordings grant students and educators more flexibility to practice remotely or in the classroom. This helps bring the right support at the right time to each learner and makes it easier to plan regular reading fluency checks.

Fluency data from Reading Progress is collected in Education Insights to support educators in taking evidence-based action for literacy in their classrooms. Education Insights dashboards help visualize progress and trends such as accuracy rate, correct words per minute, mispronunciations, omissions, and insertions. These dashboards also highlight actionable insights for educators, synthesizing common challenges across the entire class or per student. Learn more about Reading Progress and find additional resources in this detailed post.
2 ) Engage students with meetings and class teams in Canvas plus class teams in Blackboard
Meetings and class teams in Canvas
Introducing two new (and awesome) ways to build connections between students in the classroom and beyond!
1- Educators and students can now access and edit Teams meetings for their courses directly from the corresponding Canvas course. You’ll be able to view past and upcoming meetings at a glance on your agenda and schedule, edit, and join meetings from within your LMS course. Plus, you’ll get all the great capabilities available in Teams, including security and meeting settings that help you create a safe and focused classroom environment. Using these capabilities depends on per-user meeting policies set by your IT administrator and will be supported across desktop and web.