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Lauryn Fitzgerald 4th B.Ed Specialism

by Lauryn Fitzgerald

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Table of Contents
- Ekphrastic Writing.

- Creative Habits of Mind Wheel.

- Critical Prologue.

- Initial Ideation.

- Visual Research.

- 1st Piece.

- 2nd Piece.

- 3rd Piece.

- VAE Manifesto

- School Initiative

- Reflection on Journey & Learning.

- Reference List
Ekphrastic Writing
We began our first A/ R/ T workshop by exploring the idea of ekphrastic writing, ekphrastic poetry to be specific. This concept or style of poetry was something which was completely new to me but with more discussion and research I came to find that this style of writing was a way to describe something, often times a piece of art in detail to paint a clear image in the reader's mind. According to the Poetry Foundation website “an ekphrastic
poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a
work of art.”
As I was researching Ekphrastic writing, I cam upon this poem 'April' written by Dmayr. It is an ekphrastic poem inspired by the painting "The Happy Gardener" by Hermann Kern. This ekphrastic poem caught my attention because when I was originally planning on creating my own ekphrastic poem, I was assuming it would be a really intricate piece as it had to include the details on a painting. Yet, this ekphrastic poem was quite simple in terms of difficulty, yet, it still completely conveys the setting and feeling this painting. With this knowledge in mind, I went on to complete my own ekphrastic poem.