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Part 2, Lowood School

by Ana Felicia


Activity 1

1-B; 2-L, 3-J; 4-K, 5-F, 6-A; 7-D; 8-C; 9-G; 10-E; 11-H; 12-I;

Activity 2

a.a boring old activity
b. a famous Catholic eighteenth-century school
c. a big international old-fashioned school
d. a friendly modern school
e. a small village school

Activity 3

On my first day at a new school, I felt very uncomfortable. I was scared to meet new people and I didn't know what to expect from teachers. I always have a hard time adjusting to new surroundings, so I was stressed out.
Activity 4

1-B; 2-C; 3-C; 4-C; 5-D; 6-A; 7-B; 8-B; 9-A; 10-B;

Activity 5

1-C; 2-B; 3-C; 4-B; 5-C; 6-A; 7-B;

Activity 6

Positive: Lowood school was very large; Miss Temple seemed to be kinder than other teachers; bread and cheese for lunch: new friend - Helen Burns;

Negative: It was cold and foribidding; Wash themselves in ice-cold water; there was a terrible smell of burnt food; ugly brown dresses; bery strict and unfriendly teachers; harsh conditions; in the spring many girls becames ill; Helen Burns died;

Activity 7

My school is not private, it is public. We are unisex, both girls and boys attended the school. We studied for about six hours. Lessons started at 8:30 am and ended at 2:30 pm. We also had a canteen where we were fed for free.

Things were not so good at the new school. The conditions in which the girls lived were terrible. It was cold and damp there. The clothes didn't keep me warm at all. Two girls slept in one bed. On the first day, they couldn't eat their breakfast because it was burnt. Later, their kind teacher, Miss Temple, gave them bread and cheese. Jane also found a new friend, Helen, but she died soon after. She was very thin and pale skinned. She did not survive those terrible conditions.