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The Carpentarian Rock Rat

by Pippa Murphy


The Carpentarian Rock Rat
There was once a small rat who lived in
a rock night and day with his family and had never gone outside but soon that was going to change.
While he was eating his fresh seeds and fruited plants for his breakfast he saw that there rock was slightly askew. He asked his mother about but she just ignored him and continued knitting blanket with the rain forest that lay just outside their rock, where they once used to thrive.
Little rats mum decided she was going to tell a story, she started.....
23 years before On the 16th of July
The Carpentarian Rock Rat thrived in the jungles and lived there lives with no fear of extinction but one day everything changed.
The little girl that is now a mum of two watched as the food supply became short and there habitat got ruined.
One day it became too dangerous and they where forced under rocks to hide.
As soon as little rat heard this story he knew he had to go outside so while everybody was having there afternoon nap he decided to go outside to see the damage
what happend to our food and enviroment ?!
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There are only 17
of us left, you have to find someone to breed us
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little ratty travelled far and wide but carpentarian rock rats can only travel 2km per night so it was a long journey but finally.... he reached his destination
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