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A Reasonable Budget for Owning a Dog

by Taya K.


A Reasonable Budget
Owning a Dog
by Taya K.
Dedicated to my dog, George, for all his hugs and kisses
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Food

3. Toys

4. Space

Are you planning on getting a dog anytime soon? If so, it's important to consider all the responsibilities it takes to be a good dog owner. Dogs can playful and fun but it is also a responsibility and a daily commitment. You have to take care of a dog in all kinds of ways, which takes time and money. Plus, it can be expensive. Keep reading to learn about the costs of being a prepared and responsible owner to have a happy dog.
Food is one of the most important and, at the same time, expensive items that you need for taking care of a dog. A puppy usually eats 2-3 cups of dog food a day, which means in a week they would eat a total of about 7 pounds of food. Read on to find out how much it would cost to feed a dog for a year.

A fifteen-pound bag of dog food costs $42.99 and lasts about two weeks, so two bags would cost $86 and last one month.

But there's a cheaper option: One 30-pound bag would last one month and cost only $63, which means it would cost $756 for a year of food. This option is clearly more affordable. Check the notes in the back of the book to find out the brand name of the food.