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The Meaning and Spelling of Unicorn

by Mila

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The Meaning and Spelling of <unicorn>
Written and illustrated by Mila
Table of Contents
Facts about Unicorns ........................................Page 3-4

What the Word <unicorn> Really Means...........Page 5

How the Word <unicorn> is Built......................Page 6

Unicorns do magic with their horns and they grant wishes for you. If you find a unicorn, maybe you can ask them for a wish and take them to your house. They are very hard to find. Some people don't believe in unicorns, but I do. So, if you believe, then try to find a unicorn if you want to.
Facts about Unicorns
I've been wishing on dandelions for a unicorn ever since I was three years old and I've never found one. I'm going to wait to see if a unicorn shows up, but I'm not going to wish anymore because I've been wishing for months and years and I've been very sad about that. I haven't thought about it very much recently because I don't know if any unicorns in the world will show up.

I do know that there is a unicorn somewhere in the whole entire world, but I think I will have to wait until I am a teenager or an adult. I'm not sure if that will happen because unicorns are magical and they live high, high in the sky. I bet high, high in the sky there are also pegasuses. If you like pegasuses, you might also like unicorns. Do you know that pegasuses don't have a horn but do have wings, and unicorns have a horn but no wings.
What the Word <unicorn> Really Means
The word <unicorn> means a magical horse that has one horn.
How the Word <unicorn> is Built
Take a minute to think about what <uni> means. Can you think of any words that have <uni>?

Here are some examples:

Unicycle means one wheel and universe means one whole cosmos.

Now, take a minute to think about what <corn> means.

Do you know that it doesn't mean corn on the cob? Before English was made, the word <cornu> meant "horn" in Latin.
So, if <uni> means "one" and <corn> means "horn" then unicorn means one horn.

Word sum: uni + corn--> unicorn
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