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by Geocity-Team: Autun/Lanzarote


Present the city of each of the participating countries from a mathematical and interdisciplinary point of view.

Strolling through the city where they live, trying to discover geometric figures, numerical curiosities, street names with mathematical content, knowing and linking their sustainable projects also with mathematics.

Students can rediscover the streets in which they live under another look, with another perspective, locate their position or calculate the height of emblematic buildings using mathematical strategies.

Students will be able to acquire or develop their linguistic and communication skills thanks to a different approach of mathematics.
French places

Starting from Autun,
from the nearest to the furthest
LMA Cloister
The LMA fountain
Parade ground
LMA chapel
Boys' dormitories 
LMA Junior school
Bonaparte High school
The Kiosk
Champs de Mars 
The passage couvert
The jail
Autun Cathedral
The Ursuline Tower
Promenade des Marbres
The Roman theater 
The lake 
Saint Andrew's door
The Arroux's door
St Roch stadium
Community center - The Hexagone
The ramparts
The Couhard pyramid
Janus's Temple
The Liberation Cross 
The Télots
Bibracte’s vestige
Bibracte’s fountain's remains
The Castle of Sully
Buddhist temple
Le Creusot Museum
The steam hammer of Le Creusot
Statue of Nicéphore Niépce
The Colosseum  
Beaune Hôtel-Dieu 
The Abbey of Cluny
The castle of Guédelon
Confluences Museum
The gardens of Versailles
The Géode
Luxor Obelisk 
Odeillo solar oven
Spanish places

Starting from Lanzarote,
from the nearest to the furthest
Maretas of Arrecife
Civic centre of Arrecife
The city hall of Lanzarote
Arrecife thematic park
Beach "El Reducto"
The Islet of the Fermina
Grand Hotel
Canary Islands park
Former tourism Parador, now the Uned Building
"José ramírez Cerdá" park
Music kiosk
"Agustín de la Hoz" House
of Culture
Bridge of the Balls
Castle "San Gabriel"
Arrecife´s town hall
"San Ginés" Church
Las Palmas Square
San Ginés Puddle
Monument to Music
Martyrs' Sea
Port "Naos"
San José´s Castle
Dock of the Marbles
Sports complex
Municipal Library
Music Conservatoire
"El Salinero" Theatre
"Jameos del agua"
The fire Mountain
Cave of the Greens
The Mirador del Río
The Janubio Salt Flats
Puddle of the Clicos
"César Manrique" Foundation
"Cactus" Garden
Toys of the wind
"La Geria"